We have finally brought back the
original Bell target due to popular
demand.  I designed these back in
2010, and had good response from
them.  They eventually proved too time
consuming to construct, and I decided
to remove them from the site a year
later (along with several other items.)
The Bell targets use a simple "service
bell", thats activated with an inner
paddle when hit.  They provide a
pleasant and rewarding "Diiing" when
you manage to send a pellet through
the tiny hole!

As all of our targets, these are very
solidly made.  The faceplates are 3/16"
thick steel, with CNC milled sighting
rings cut in.  The bell and moving parts
are fully removable should anything
require repair years down the road.
Bell Target                              $64.99
Target Size:

The Bell Targets are available with a
1/4" or 3/8" center hole.
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*Please note, all Bell targets are shipped un-painted.