A Dueling tree target designed for airguns!

The Steelplinkers dueling tree is made in
the same durable fashion as all of our
targets.  We use 3/16" thick steel for all
parts to withstand years of abuse from
hard hitting airguns.

The dueling tree is available in 4 and 8
paddle configurations, and comes with a
bolt-on base.

(8 paddle dueling tree pictured)

Stands over 27" tall!!
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The paddle system utilizes a simple
spring and ball detent, instead of
relying on gravity like all other dueling
trees.  Each paddle is adjustable,
allowing the target to work with a wide
range of power levels, from 10 fpe to

All paddles are fully removable to ease
cleaning and repainting.
The Dueling tree is available in a 4
paddle version, or as a full 8 paddle
tree, for more intense matches!
4 paddle dueling tree w/ base         $69.99
8 paddle dueling tree w/ base          $99.99
View the dueling tree in action!

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Each target includes

  • Dueling tree (4 or 8 paddle)

  • Stand

  • Allen wrench for assembly

  • Instructions

  • Spare ball bearings and bolt
*Some items and combinations calculate shipping incorrectly.  
Contact me for corrections if needed.
Paddle Size:

Paddle size: