Our Quadrant spinner targets are
handcrafted in our shop using quality
materials.  They are made to withstand
all the abuse an airgun can dish out,
without being too heavy to function
Target stands fit onto the Quadrant targets
supplied stakes, making the target easily
moved to different ranges.  Ideal for very
hard or loose ground.  Also adds extra
height for use in taller grass.
12" Target stakes included
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The Quadrant target is a unique
design that combines the fun and
challenge of shooting a small
spinner with the benefit of swinging
"sightin" paddles.  When your shot
misses the center spinner, it
strikes one of the 4 swinging
squares, allowing you to quickly
correct your aim.
Built heavy to easily handle up to 45fpe
airguns.  Light enough to be used with
sub 10fpe airguns, although low
powered guns will give only slight
feedback on the sightin squares. A very
solid target that will provide many years
of service.
Price.......................$10.99 ea
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